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Corporate Testimonials

From: Alec
I am president of a small but very international consulting firm. One of my biggest frustrations has been my inability to smoothly integrate my mobile phone communications between Asia, Europe, and North America. I happened upon IPIPI on a desperate Google search for "sms europe america" and have been truly delighted with the results. It was easy and intuitive to set up, cost effective, and best of all, when I had questions, I typed them in and got truly helpful responses within 24 hours from their staff. I highly recommend this service; and so does my family, who all feel so much more in touch with me on long trips to far-off places now. January 2005

From: Sam
I run an internet services business and I use ipipi to check for new mail / sales so I know when I've got work to do. The service is very fast, efficient and much cheaper than any others. I've had very few problems. Thanks

From: Laurence
IPIPI is usefull to me:
We use SMS for Lab env monitoring.
One night at 2am I got SMS server room was
over heating due to aircon failure, drove 1hour and managed to save servers before meltdown.
Thanks to IPIPI!!!!!

From: Rene
I simply use IPIPI as I use my mobile phone for SMS - but IPIPI is much more efficient and cheaper when I am working in my office. In other words - I use IPIPI to forward text messages re. business questions, etc. as I would do if I am off-line and only got my cell phone.

From: Phil
I use your service to send details of new pupils to driving instructors. This saves expensive mobile phone calls and lets the message go through even when most instructors have these switched off while on driving lessons.

From: Doctor N.
From my Clinic in USA I contact patients in Russia, Ukraine, and other Former Soviet Union Countries. The messages are almost instantaneously received. We do not have to bother with poor quality telephone lines and expensive phone calls. The patients do not have to be near a computer to receive an email.
I can send 50 SMS messages to patients for the cost of only 1 phone call.
And my patient has a permanent record of my message.
Dr. N.

From: Will
Telling staff when to come into work, arrange meetings, and also to attract visitors to my website. Letting visitors send sms on your site really does get people to visit your site.

From: Tonya
I use this system to send several messages to the phone. We use it for special promotions to give prizes away. It also serves as a mobile auction site where people can bid on products via the cell phone and the highest bidder is called back to claim the item or prize.


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