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Personal Testimonials

From: Lucas
Nearly a year ago I met a woman over the internet living overseas in New Zealand. I thought nothing of it since I was joining the Air Force. But after basic training she and I started 2 communicate more often on the phone and through texts. Texting her was costing so much money and our relationship was drifting. It was highly difficult to keep up with her between work, school and the time difference from her living literally on the other side of the globe. I searched and found your site, now she and I have been able to communicate more than ever and our relationship has never been better. In fact I owe it to the texts. If it wasn't for I wouldn't have her to this day. She just came down to see me a few weeks ago and I asked her to marry me. Long distance has never been easier thanks to! Thanks so much for helping me meet the woman of my dreams.February 2006

From: Anne Marie
I am in New York, USA and my boyfriend in Djerba, Tunisia. We met in January after my stay of 1 week in Djerba. Ipipi keeps us together twice a day. He just ask me to get engaged and I am going back in March because I said "Yes". Thanks ipipi you are our love line.February 2006

From: Donna
My son is in Kenya and far from computers and email, yet has a texting phone. With ipipi I can text easily with my computer here in the USA, and get almost instant replies. I can even configure messages to be sent at a later time - very convenient with the 8 hour time difference. My cell does not text Kenya, but through ipipi, I can use their service with my phone. I am very happy I found ipipi, and tell everyone about your service! December 2005

From: Shaun
I am a South African working in Iraq and the local network cannot send SMS messages to all of the South African networks. After searching long and hard, I found your website. I am now able to keep in touch with family and friends back home with no problems. Thank you for a great service rendered at affordable prices. September 2005

From: Tommie
My daughter was separated from my grandchildren during hurricane Katrina. My daughter called to make me aware of the dilemma. The 504 are code to cell phones was down and therefore no phone could send or receive phone calls. I subscribed to your service and sent a SMS to my grand daughter. She responded to let me know that she was in a shelter in Houston, Texas. My daughter was in Killeen, Texas and was ecstatic when I told her that her daughter had received the text message that I sent through your system. I live in Los Angeles and after receiving the SMS message reply from my granddaughter, I immediately booked a flight to Texas where I was united with my family. I am so grateful to you and your system. September 2005

From: Barney
During Hurricane Katrina, I used ipipi to communicate vital info to friends and family. Your service has been a lifesaver to those of us here in New Orleans. September 2005

From: Joanne
I just want to say thank you so much for this service, as it is a Godsend to me (I'm in Canada) and my husband who is currently in the Philippines. It's expensive to phone, and snail mail letter writing takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks to send back and forth. There are very few computers in the Philippines (so emailing is out), but alot of people have mobile phones that they use for text messaging. I am not able to subscribe to international text messaging due to the region I live in, and I just didn't know how I was going to keep in contact with my husband. I thought with the way technology is nowadays, there had to be a way that I could send my husband a text message from my computer and he would receive it on his mobile phone. It took me 3 days of surfing the internet before I found your service. It's difficult enough to be separated from the one I love, but your service helps me to stay in touch. Thank you once again, as it feels great to be able to keep in contact with my husband whenever I want for a relatively reasonable price! April 2005

From: Tareq
Thank you for this wonderful and great service. i love all the feaqtures especially the ability to receive my sms online instead of celphone. thanks again. April 2005

From: Asim
I use IPIPI to keep in touch with my fiance who lives in Europe. Its really a great service and afforatble as well, Thank you IPIPI for making every day better for me and my fiance. April 2005

From: Tim
It seems that your service is streets ahead of [others]. The biggest issue with SMS [with others] was connectivity issues, I couldn't get messages to go to my phone (or email) most of the time so I wouldn't actually get to read the messages until days later, and I couldn't get them to address the issue... There have been at least two instances where there site was down recently and they didn't respond to either TT that I sent to them...

I downloaded the desktop add-on for ipipi (btw, how should I say that is it I-pee-pee? lol) and I like the feature... it would be neat if I could access my address book from within it though.

I think that is the main points that I have so far, I hope they help, and your service will continue to exceed my expectations! All the best! April 2005

From: Jim
My wife lives in england, so text messaging from my computer is the cheapest and best way for us to communicate. this service is really a life saver for us. thank you for being there. we dont know what we would do without you. March 2005

From: Annabelle
Thank you for making this affordable and fastest way to reach all my friends and families. March 2005

From: Ziad
I have used several other similar sms services over the past few months. I just want to say that I am VERY happy with the service and efficiency of IPIPI. I'm very happy I came across ur product and I am extremely satisfied with it. Thank you. March 2005

From: Andrew
Wonderful service. My girlfriend in Russia has no internet access but I can keep in touch with her anytime with ipipi! It's great to text her a good morning message and have it delivered when she wakes up, or just a brief "how are you, thinking of you, miss you". It's better than rambling unfocused and at times painful conversations, not to mention typing on a phone keypad! We can also coordinate our phone calls with a text message. I don't mind the cost as this ensures reliability over the freebie services! And it keeps us in touch and gives us a chance! Thanks a million!! March 2005

From: Alec
I am president of a small but very international consulting firm. One of my biggest frustrations has been my inability to smoothly integrate my mobile phone communications between Asia, Europe, and North America. I happened upon IPIPI on a desperate Google search for "sms europe america" and have been truly delighted with the results. It was easy and intuitive to set up, cost effective, and best of all, when I had questions, I typed them in and got truly helpful responses within 24 hours from their staff. I highly recommend this service; and so does my family, who all feel so much more in touch with me on long trips to far-off places now. January 2005

From: Ruben
i use so i can get a hold of friends and family when i want to talk to them and being that i'm Deployed in Iraq it really comes in handy. that way i can still talk to them and save money.

From: Todd
I live in Silicon Valley, USA and back in June I was on the Internet and met a wonderful Russian girl. We have been communicating via webcam, email and telephone. I flew to Europe in October and we fell madly in love with each other.

The one thing that has been disappointing was that she does not have a computer at home and unless I would call her on her mobile phone, I had no economical way to instantly communicate with her! She was disappointed that I could not receive international text messages on my government issued mobile phone.

So, I fould your service recently and now I can write her short messages anytime during the day using ipipi and have her replies forwarded to me from her mobile phone to mine....WORKS GREAT!!!!

The ipipi service has made it possible for us to comminicate better and incidently, she plans to come to the USA in July of 2005 and we are getting married.

Thanks so much for this wonderful service because it has allowed two soul mates to stay in touch even better!!

From: Daniel
SMS has become a crucial part of my daily life since my partner lives in Germany and I live in the UK. Ipipi has helped us keep our relationship alive. We are able to keep in touch with each other as events happen in our daily lives and when we only have a short amount of time.

SMS @ Ipipi has helped us to remain spontaneous and to comfort each other when we both need it. The fact that I know my messages will arrive punctually and accurately every time and the smile that they bring keeps me a loyal customer of Ipipi!

Keep up the good work!

From: Divyesh
I was born and raised on South Africa and been looking for a way to keep in touch with family and friends without constantly being online. International mobile to mobile SMS was the best and cheaper alternative to keep in touch with everybody back home. Get to know whats happening find out the latest gossip info relatively quickly and on the go.

From: Angelo
I use to keep in touch with my girlfriend who is now located in Germany and I am in the UK. Before I found, it was costing me a fortune to send her text messages from my mobile. Now that I use your service, I am free to send as many texts as I can afford and always know hw much I have spent.

Your service is great, the price is great, and my girlfriend and I are getting along great too. Keep up the great work.

From: Todd
I am US Navy and I use to send SMS messages at any time during the day to my family in the US and my friends in Hong Kong and Singapore. I am so happy for your service. It is so useful when I am out to sea and we cannot talk to anyone. Thank you so much. It is awesome!

From: Keith
I use your service to keep in touch with all my family in the UK. As I travel world wide I find this service invaluable.

From: Dalhia
I only use the ipipi service to keep in contact with my boyfriend in germany, i met him on the web, and he moved to and area where he doesnt have internet conection nor does he haves a local ph for me to call him to, only his cell, and i dont have time to call him because of the time diference, this service has help me to send him messages for me to let him know how much i love him, him im doing, and he is really happy.. we are.

From: Anne
i met someone great this summer, but he moved back home to the Uk. I hate cell phones...too expensive but I wanted a great way to keep in touch, all the time. I found ipipi to fill the many miles between he and I...and i think its absolutely wonderful. It brings us together when we are miles apart. Thank you.

From: Lorrie
I live in the US, and my husband lives and works in Sweden. When he works at sea, ipipi is the only contact we have sometimes. Without sms from your site, it would be a week to 2 weeks at a time between phone calls and contact.

thanks so much for your service

From: Jacki
With the high cost of home telephone bills I choose to use this method with my Son...He's serving in the US Airforce in England. We may not always be able to contact one another via landline's. At least he knows I am thinking of him.

From: Kevin
I use sms text messages to communicate with my girlfriend in Romania. Because of the 10 hour time difference and the distance, it is often hard to coordinate our schedules to spend time together (when we are apart). It is an easy way to alert the other we are by the computer to talk, or awake for a phone call, or even just to leave "good morning" messages for the other to receive when waking up.

From: Rachel
I've been searching many other SMS service and tried to find the cheapest rate for saving some budget; however, I tried most free text other companies offered and was disappointed. The connecting networks don't work well and my friends always missed my messages. I like that ipipi often offers special discounts, it's great! Thanks for considering about that!

From: Barrett
My girlfriend has been studying in China for the last several months. Since I am in the USA and she is there, sometimes it is difficult for us to communicate. Email is a great way for us to stay in contact, but she has been traveling a lot and it has been difficult for her to get internet access. allows us to stay in contact anywhere she has cell phone access. it is a cheap alternative to expensive telephone calls. Thanks for your service and allowing young love to blossom.

From: Vincent
I use SMS on to chat with my friends around the world. SMS world service is not widely available in the USA.

From: Peaceful
This is the best SMS site I have found so far! I can't believe the variety of networks you have. Thanks! I use ipipi to stay in touch with friends throughout the world. You have empowered me to rekindle friendships and stay connected to loved ones. I send quick information to which I can receive a quick reply. Thanks for opening up the world even more! Peaceful One

From: Pablo
I really enjoy this service and it is the best of this type I have found. I use mainly as a way to receive my email on my phone. My phone's email address is difficult, and with iPiPi email forwarding, I can use my usual email address. Because of the "rules" feature, I can get the messages from my close friends sent to my cell phone. All the other email I can read on the iPiPi website, and of course I can change the "rules" settings anytime. I also like that I get one SMS credit for each day that I log into the site, which is every day since I would usually check my email each day. This is excellent, keep
up the great job! Pablo

From: Kevin
I cannot use my Sprint phone to text my bf in Singapore... Your service works great for this! And the S code technique is most clever!!!


From: Eric
Hello, I currently do not have a SMS phone and I have been trying to find the best and cheapest way to contact my sister in Shropshire, England as well as my fiance in Bacolod City, Philippines. It is always difficult waiting til the wee hours of the morning to make a call or stay on the internet because my fiance has to go to an internet cafe just to chat and they are 15hours ahead of my mountain time. She will be moving here next year but I will still use ipipi to contact my friends overseas, which are hers as well. Their responses back to me have been immediate. So that tells me that I will definatly be using your service in the future. Thanks , Eric

From: Fayza
I use to communicate with the most wonderful guy I've met in years...who happens to be in Bahrain. Since the island is so small and not many people live there, calling card rates are so high. The time difference is 8 hours too, so we only have very small windows of time that we can actually talk. allows us to keep in touch throughout the day. I feel very involved in his life because we're able to drop each other little texts at any's fabulous.

From: mamadee
ipipi is the best network to send sms to friend,family,collage,and penfriend! I will like to have ipipi network as my best friend.

From: Luke
IpIpI is so good to me because i do not own a mobile phone. All of my friends have one, but i dont. So we can all sms each other.

From: Paul
Hello Ipipi,

OK, here is my story how Ipipi saves the day for me.
A few months ago, I met a wonderful girl who was working in a New York restaurant. She was not only beautiful, but funny, graceful and smart (although I admit the only thing I really noticed about her at first was that she was very good-looking). At the time, I was living in Bermuda so we only saw each other during my business trips.
Unfortunately, she was a native of Slovakia and had overstayed her tourist visa so she was in the states illegally. Although she was staying with her parents (who are US citizens) she couldn't get a work visa so was working in whatever crummy restaurant job she could get.
Eventually, her lousy job and living with her parents really started to get to her and she became progressively more unhappy. Although it wasn't an easy decision, she decided to return to Slovakia where she could work and otherwise have a normal life.
So, with me living in California and her in Slovakia, we are 9 time zones apart which makes talking on the phone pretty hard. In addition, phone calls from the US to Slovakia are expensive ($1.20/minute) and even moreso from Slovakia to here.
We were used to using txt messaging to communicate when we both lived in the states but my cell phone carried couldn't figure out a way for me to continue messaging her in the middle of eastern europe. Eventually, I found Ipipi referenced on a website and tried you out. In fact, I tried you on during her first hour in Slovakia (fresh off the plane from the states). Not only did your system work the first time, but it was also a great surprise to her to find a txt message from me when she turned her phone on in Bratislava.
Since then, we use Ipipi daily. Since I often travel internationally, its easy to change where her messages are forwarded to and quite affordable as well. Thanks to your service, we have been able to continue our courtship by connecting on a daily basis despite the differences in language, culture, time zones, distance and phone operators. Who knows where this will lead...
OK, that's it. Paul

From: Sean
ipipi is not just useful to me right now but rather invaluable. Phone calls are not an option due to high expense and trying to type on my cell phone is just too frustrating plus doesn't work internationally with my carrier. My fiancee is in the Philippines processing her fiancee visa application. She has been able to type out msgs to me on the cell phone I purchased for her and I have relied in ipipi to communicate back. She doesn't yet understand internet email and hasn't been able to get someone to teach her and anyway there is no internet access point near her but she does get a good cell phone signal. Txt messaging has saved me a fortune and proved invaluable. It took ipipi to make it work and if it weren't for ipipi I would be up the creek! There are few services like this on the net and none that i've seen compare to ipipi.

From: Sonia
When I returned to the States from Poland, I became extremely nostalgic as usual and yearned for a way to keep in touch with my friends and family overseas. They have limited internet access, and snailmail isn't always reliable, so it occured to me that communicating through SMS messages to their cellphones would be the way to go. Problem: Asia and Europe run on a different system, GSM, so there was no way I could send text messages directly to their cellphones from mine. I searched on the internet for a solution and finally found, which saved me; since I check my email at least as often as they write text messages, my problem has been solved! I'm really grateful to the makers of ipipi for allowing me to stay in touch with loved ones overseas; it has made all the difference. =)

From: osseni
IPIPI is useful cause you can join correspondant, parents friends, less costly and everywhere in the world directly in they mobile phone. It's very easy.

From: chris
I wanted to tell you why is so useful to me. I'm from America but, my girlfriend is from Sweden and is currently studying in England. The time difference makes it very hard to stay in touch. With I am able to SMS her whenever I need to. Sometimes it can be to set up phone calls and sometimes it can be to send nothing messages to make her smile. has made a very difficult situation a little bit eaiser to manage.
Thanks from both of us.

From: wakedfarhat
the service i get from your site is the greatest i can contact my new wife overseas i tell her good morning, good day, and good night sitting in front of my computer. thank you ipipi so much. i don't know how else to thank you

From: vnq2
Ipipi rocks. It is better than instant messages because we can get a hold of other people through cel phones.. since most of us do ot have a constant access to computer all the time.

From: Daniel
Ipipi is a great tool that I have, I work with people around the world, and to keep the buisness working, sometimes we need not a phone call we need to send sms because is faster, cheaper and more direct, no talking, just the necesary info.
What´s the best thing about Ipipi? IT WORKS everywhere I had the chance everyday to try it, and it work in every single cell phone.

From: JJ
it is exceelant that provide this kind of service..thx for what u did

From: abdi
it is very nice and quick

From: ann
I am a poor college student. I go to school in Saint Augustine, Florida. My boyfriend is in Dublin, Ireland. When I was with him over the summer we texted each other all the time on our phones, now that I am in the states the only way for me to text him internationally is through ipipi. It is a fun and affordable way to text him

From: layla is very useful to me because beacuse it allows me to keep in touch with my family members around the world. My family is the only one that lives in Canada and we have noone here other then the intermediate family. I get sad and start to miss my family terribly everytime i hear a friend talking about their loved ones. Ex, aunts uncles, grandparents ect. Everytime i start to miss someone i go to and let them know im thinking of them. it brings me one step closer. It means a lot to me that they know i miss and love them and ipipi does that for me. its the next best thing to being with them. if i cant be with them then i sms them through ipipi.
thank you
by the way i have 121 cousin around the worls.

From: Fatin
Hello! Well, I can make my long story short, by saying that 2 months ago my fiance moved to Amman, Jordan to study a masters degree and work. We have plans to get married, in a year which is the time, that he will be finishing hes degree, but I had to stay in NY because I go to school here. The telephone calls to call Jordan, are way expensive, and more expensive for him, to call me here. So we hardly talk, but we both have cell phones, and a nice way to know that we love each other is by sending text messeges. This is the only site, that sends the messages to Jordan, and I am so happy about it, because I cant afford calling him all the time.
Thanks, to you me and him feel closer even if we are far.

From: goabaone
im originally from botswana, and i came to the US to study.i call home frequently and its very expensive.sometimes i just wanna pass a message at night, and there is nowhere to get a phone card.i had to find another way and i discovered ipipi. i use it anytime and everybody can respond since its not expensive. im grateful for the service and i ve even recommended it to some of my friends.

From: Michael
EASY to text my love!
Even abroad, use ipipi I may message my lover anytime without time difference.

From: Gabriele
I think ipipi helps me a lot because i send a lot of sms to europa. without ipipi I could not get in touch with my friends and familie as quick.ipipi also have a wondervoll customer service.
thank you

From: verotoo@ has made life easier for me. I have friends in Europe and Asia where sms is simply part of everyday life. And here in the US we are still catching up on it. My phone's provider doesnt offer compatible sms service, with sms being sent never actually sent or received by the recipients while I get charged for it.
With ipipi, I could make sure that my sms gets through. Also, like most people, am stuck in front of the computer all day, then I might as well get my sms through my email.
Very effiecient.

From: Dana
My boyfriend lives in England and he doesnt have long distance and I had been searching for along time to find a messaging company that would work texting him messages to his mobile. After sometime I finally found ipipi and I dont think I could live without them now. It keeps me connected to my true love which is the most important thing. Even when he is visiting me here in the states...I use ipipi to send him little love text. He loves it too and when he replies it goes straight to my email which is wonderful. I dont have to keep checking ipipi website when I'm expecting a text back. Its the best sms messaging center out there and works too..Its also the easiest to use. I am so glad I found them and have told all my friends.

From: Ali
this very nice service that enable me to contact people all over the world

From: Rodney
Ipipi is useful to me because i live in the u s and my fiance lives in the philippines and our only means of communication is ipipi and i just love sending text messages to her cell and getting her replies, otherwise we could hardly have any way to communicate. I thank you so much cause its an enexpensive way for us to keep in touch with each other

From: Ivana
you are great!!! way to go!

From: Tanya
You're a life saver!! Thanks so much for helping me contact my friends in Thailand. At least now I know where they are and that they are okay!

From: Chris
My name is Chris. During my travels around the globe I met my girlfriend overseas. She lives in Hungary and it was difficult staying in touch. While in Europe we used text messaging for those little messages that let us know that we were thinking of each other, but that wasn't possible when I came back to the states. Ipipi has allowed us to continue using SMS messages internationally and keep in touch a little better. Thank you for providing this service to ease our contact troubles and continue our long distance relationship as pain-free as possible.

From: ariel
your not used of sending sms by phone...
here i can only open my computer..were i usually working...and its thier..just type..whatever i want...and its great.

advantages of ipipi

1.) surely can reach the message sent to the recipient faster.
2.) can save my allowance in paying my phone bills.
3.) enables to communicate with my family & friends.

From: princess_hana_96
I'm entering the contest for the 500 free sms. is useful to me because i use it to send sms' to my boyfriend. He had to move to Cambodia, and his internet doesn't work that well. It's really hard for us to talk on the phone to not only because of the cost. So i use to send him an sms, even if it's just to say hi because i miss him and can't talk to him. I think is great because it's really really hard to find somewhere, where you can send a sms overseas!
Thanks so much for your help!

From: isi95010
I use Ipipi to send sms to my friends and family in Italy because my cell phone provider in the states does not allow me to send text messages worldwide. Thank you for your time.

From: sheryl is so good, it can send text messages to all my friends in the philippines. i recommend this to all my friends.i can tell them all i want without a cost. thank you very much ipipi. more power!!!

From: Samantha
I have a few friends in the UK and ipipi is the only way that I can send text messages to them. My wireless provider doesn't work with their service. Thank you.



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