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Organizational Benefits

Corporate User Benefits
  • Global - send and receive SMS text messages to any country on the Planet
  • Efficient - quickly and easily send the same text message to several recipients with our Marketing Account
  • Great Service - most text messages are delivered in seconds, and most customer questions are answered within an hour
  • Powerful - convert email to SMS and forward to your mobile phone(s). You decide which email messages should be sent to you as SMS. Change your settings at any time
  • Convenient - time zones don't matter - send SMS when it's convenient for you. Or use our time delay feature.
  • Mobile - send properly formatted email messages from your cell phone as SMS
  • Easy to use - the interface is simple and easy to follow
  • Flexible - configure your account to meet your personal text messaging needs. No mobile phone required
  • Easy integration - connect our international SMS service to your application in under 60 minutes with our API

SMS makes you more responsive and gives you an affordable way to communicate with your employees, partners and customers anywhere on the Planet.

To see for yourself how easy it is to send text messages worldwide, create a new account now and ask us for the corporate features.

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