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The SideWinderSMS is a mobile messaging middleware platform. It consists of a stand alone email/Internet server that enables registered users to send and receive information to their SMS enabled phones.

"Out-of-the-box", SideWinderSMS is capable of:

  • Connecting to wireless networks via GSM modems or SMPP connection
  • Seamless and simple email to SMS and SMS to email
  • Delivering information to user's wireless devices according to the rules they define
  • Filtering out unwanted information (SPAM)
  • Compressing information from the data source so that the most can be delivered to users' devices
  • Administering, billing and reporting
Main product characteristics are:
  • Configurable, platform independent Internet server technology
  • Integrated SMS gateway with built in SMS command parser and executor
  • Enables delivery of important or mission critical information to users according to user profiles and delivery rule
  • Enables mobile users to turn their wireless device into an information center
  • Cost effective and reliable
  • Requires only modest hardware to run

To learn more about SideWinderSMS and its technical information, please visit here.

Contact us to learn more about how this technology can improve your business operations, or visit our Coporate site, Upside Wireless, to read more about our products and services.


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