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You can use your account to originate text messages to your friends or groups of friends directly from your SMS phone.

Step 1 (in your account): Register your phone.

Step 2 (in your account): Create entries for all your friends' mobile numbers in your Address Book with short nicknames.

Step 3 (from your phone): Send your message TO the gateway number.

Step 4 (from your phone): Start your message with the s code text, explained below.

s ipipi SMS command
This tells ipipi to send an "SMS"

This can be either a nickname or a mobile phone number in international format. Nicknames come from your Address Book as an individual or group.
This tells ipipi where to send the message TO

text your message

For example, Paul has an important business meeting, and the customer is early. He wants to tell the rest of the sales group.

This is how he sends his message:

"s SD We have a customer waiting at the reception. Please come in."

When this message is sent to the gateway number, all members of the group sales department (SD) will receive this message.


How does it work?, in this process, works as a relay. It gets the message from you and immediately locates your account (from looking at your phone number). It then reads the first two parts and sees that you want to send a message and connects to your address book to send it to the nickname.

Remember, you need have credits in your account to send SMS from your mobile phone.

Note: sending SMS from your phone counts as an additional transaction subject to a cost of one credit.


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