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SMS Server Monitoring

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You can set up iPiPi for monitoring your servers via SMS. SMS alerts will be sent to you when your server is down. You will also receive an alert when your servers recover. Currently, the implemented protocols include HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4.

  1. On the Specify New External Server page:

    For this field Provide this
    Server Name The server name could be the domain name or IP of your server.
    Type Choose the protocol you want to use to monitor your server with. If you choose the type "Other", iPiPi will determine whether your server is down by checking if the port you specified is open on your server.
    Login If this is a mail server that needs authentication, then provide the login name of an email account on it.
    Password Your password for that account
    Port By default, HTTP is on port 80, SMTP is port 25, POP and IMAP are port 110.
    Connection Timeout Number of milliseconds iPiPi should wait for your server to respond before deciding that it is down.
    Interval How often to check your server, in minutes. For example, if you enter 5 here, your server will be checked every 5 minutes
    Send alerts to Choose where you want alerts to be send to.
    Max number of alerts to send when server is down If you enter x, you will be alerted up to x times while your server is down. If you want to receive alerts until the server recovers, enter -1. If you do not want to receive any alerts regarding this server, enter 0.

  2. Click Submit to save your changes.



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