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Register SMS Phone

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Use this screen to register your SMS phone with your account. Click here to learn when it is required or beneficial to register your phone.

  1. On this page:

    For this field Provide this
    Number Provide the full number of your telephone (including country code and city code)
    Maximum size Specify the maximum number of characters your telephone can receive.  This is usually 160.
    Delete prepositions If you select this option email messages will be stripped of words such as "the", "a", and similar short words.
    Delete spaces If you select this option email messages will be stripped of spaces.  Every word will start with a capital letter.
    Abbreviate If you select this option long words will be replaced with abbreviations.  For example: information=info, you=U, four=4, for=4 and so on.  Click here to send us your favorite abbreviations to be included in our compression engine.
    Include Subject If you select this option the subject of all forwarded emails and messages will be included in the text messages that are sent to you.
    Advertising Opt-In Program If you live in USA or Canada you can opt-in to participate in our SMS Advertising program. If you select this option you will receive a free SMS credit every day that you login. By opting in, you will be bound the Terms and Conditions.

  2. Click Submit to save your changes.  The system will send a 5-digit code to the device you registered.  When you receive it please enter it into the appropriate place on the screen that follows. Until you do so your device will not be activated on our system.  This is necessary for your protection to prevent fraudulent use of your SMS telephone. 

The ability to compress the text of incoming email messages when they are forwarded to your SMS phone is one of the benefits of using iPiPi.  The system is capable of compressing incoming text by up to 50% which means that you get more information displayed on your device.  For an example of a compressed message please click here.



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