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Create Calendar Alerts from SMS Phone

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You can create calendar events in your account directly from your SMS phone. These events will be stored in your account and will send you SMS alert 60 minutes before the event (as default). To create a calendar event from your SMS phone use the following syntax:

c datetime text  

c Reserved word - ipipi calendar command
datetime This is date and time of your event specified in the following format:


Time is entered as 24 hour clock.  For example to set an alert for Aug 25th 2009 at 3 PM your date/time field should be:


To make your typing of date and time shorter, this command also accepts any letter on your telephone key pad that is associated with a particular number. For example, instead of pressing the "abc 2" button four times to get to number 2, you can just press it once and replace 2 with "a". will do the conversion and set appropriate time for you. For example:

0908251500 = 0w0taj1j00 

In short: to make fewer keystrokes while setting a calendar event you can replace numbers in the datetime field using the following table

2 = a,b,c
3 = d,e,f
4 = g,h,i
5 = j,k,l
6 = m,n,o
7 = p,q,r,s
8 = t,u,v
9 = w,x,y,z

text Message text

For example 

  • c 0908251500 Meeting with John, or
  • c 0w0taj1j00 Meeting with John

Then send your SMS to the ipipi SMS Center

Once this message is received, ipipi will create a calendar event in your calendar and notify you of this event 60 minutes before its start by sending you SMS message to your phone.

Don't forget, you can also set up Calendar events from the web.


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