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Reply to email from SMS Phone

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You can use ipipi to reply to all email messages that were forwarded to your SMS phone. Once you receive email on your SMS phone and you want to send a reply to the original sender's email, do the following:

SMS Reply-To syntax

On your SMS phone press reply and then compose a message similar to:

a email_number text  

a ipipi Reply-to command
email_number When you receive email to your cell phone, it's prefixed with text like 'a email_number'. 'a' is the command you want to use to reply to it and 'email_number' identifies the email and you should use it to constitute the command. This is a number between 0 and 9.
text Text of your reply message

Or, if you want to reply to all recipients of the original message:

SMS Reply-To-All syntax

r email_number text  

r ipipi Reply-to-all command
email_number This is a number between 0 and 9 that was sent to you in the incoming message.
text Text of your reply message

To describe how this functionality works please read the example bellow:

Example: ipipi user John White receives email from Michael Smith, an important customer, to his corporate email account.

Previously, John set-up his ipipi account to forward important messages to his SMS mobile phone and requested ipipi to compress all messages sent to his mobile device. John also has Michael Smith in his Address Book with the nickname "MS" 

The figure bellow shows the original email message, and the message that ipipi sent to John's mobile phone.

John can now reply to this message by hitting the "Reply" button on his mobile phone and by typing a message that starts with "A 1 ".  For example: 

"A 1 Great, Thanks Michael.  I will make sure your order processed quickly.  Regards, John".  

John will then send this message to the same number the message came from (ipipi SMS Gateway).  When a message reaches our SMS server it first authenticates the sender and then finds the address of the original message. Finally, it creates a new email and sends it to Michael Smith.


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