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Forward Important Information to your SMS Phone Using

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One popular use of service is to forward important email or incoming SMS messages to SMS phones.

The first step is to create an account and customize iPiPi to recognize important messages.  Once that is done iPiPi works for you all the time.  It checks information that arrives to your email accounts, compares it to the rules you defined and if required, forwards some of the incoming information to your mobile device. 

forward email to SMS

Having received a message a user can respond to it by following a few simple guidelines. For example:

  • If the original message came from a cell phone, to send your reply back to the originators cell phone follow the steps shown here.
  • To reply to the original email message (whose copy was forwarded to the cell phone) simply type follow the steps explained here.

No hassle and effective!

Click here to see the tutorial...


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