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ipipi Affiliate Program

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Since 2001, the ipipi affiliate program has been generating revenue for web site owners around the world. If you have a website or are a web developer, you can start earning money right away - earn 10% of each purchase for a customer you refer to ipipi.

Being an ipipi affiliate is easy and free!

How our affiliate program works:

1. You choose one of our specially formatted banner advertisements and place it on your site.
2. When someone clicks on your banner and becomes a paying ipipi customer, you will earn 10% in referral fees for their purchases.
3. Your referral fees will be paid to you monthly with a minimum value of $100 USD.

As an ipipi Affiliate, you will have access to a specialized account, allowing you to view your referral fees, change your banners, and read about all the latest ipipi news.

How to apply to be an affiliate:

  1. Create an account with ipipi
  2. Contact us with your request to become an Affiliate. Also include the following information:
    • website URL
    • ipipi user name
    • telephone number
  3. Once approved, post your links to ipipi in as many places as you wish
  4. to on your site

More affiliate information:

Terms and conditions

Start making money today. Join ipipi and become an affiliate now.



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