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Receive Pictures-MMS from Mobile Phones

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Imagine the Possibilities!

Ever wanted to allow your friends to send you pictures from their mobile phones? Now you can receive pictures from your friends - no matter where they are. It is simple, quick and inexpensive.

How It Works

  • Your friends must be allowed to send you pictures. You do that by registering the email address from which they will send you pictures in your Contact List (go to Contacts->Create New Contact).
  • Once this is done, tell your friends to send email from their phones (or even email accounts) and send it to:

That's it. Once we receive this message from your friends we will process them and store images in your Gallery (Pictures->Gallery) where you can view them or even send them to your other friends (use Send ->Picture Message screen.

Now you can be with your friends - no matter where they are!


Click here to see how you can send pictures to your friends.


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