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Send SMS from your Website

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ipipi Send SMS Form lets you add SMS capability to your website so that visitors to your website can send SMS using ipipi to any country on the Planet. It's as easy as adding a few lines of HTML code to any page of your web site. The generated form will look and feel the same as the rest of your web site. You simply prepay the credits and then offer your visitors to send free or through your own billing plan.

To SMS enable your site, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Open a new ipipi account (unless you already have one)
  2. Go to Add SMS to Your Site link and register all pages on your web site where you want to have SMS Form included (Click here for more help)
  3. Read terms and conditions (ipipi Send SMS Form Terms and Conditions) and press submit
  4. Copy generated HTML code and paste it into web pages of your web site that you just registered. 
  5. Make sure that your account has positive SMS balance as each SMS message sent from your web site will create one debit transaction on your account.
  6. Contact us if you have any questions regarding this offer.  

Here is an example of how your page will look like:

Want to know how to use the form? You can provide these same easy instructions to your website visitors so they can take advantage of this great service you offer them. Click here to learn more.


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