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How to send SMS from Applications?

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You can add true two-way sms text messaging capability to your applications within about one hour. In short, you need to connect to our service using SMTP protocol, authenticate yourself and tell our service to send a text message to one or more international SMS numbers.

Our "60-minute-API" lets you do this quickly. Here is how.

The following tables provide details on how to integrate external applications to a running instance of WIS – in this case – using SMTP protocol. The setup consists of two distinct parts:

Part 1 - Application Setup
You first need to connect to our SMTP server using your UserName and Password. This is done only once and you will need to write a few lines of code for your application. The code is the same as if you wanted to send email using SMTP protocol. Your SMTP server account will use the following details:

SMTP server name
User Name Your user name (the same account you use to login to – for example jsmith)
Password Your password (for the account you use to login to
“Sent From” email addresses

Your account name + (for example

It is very important to set this field. is NOT set up to receive relaying. If this value is incorrect, the following error message will be generated: “503 Incorrect Authentication for Specified Email Address”

Part 2 - Generating SMS from Your Application
Every time you want to send SMS you need to create email message with the following parameters:

Email field Description
“cc” Leave empty
“bcc” Leave empty

Empty or use one or all of the compression options described below.

Following are examples of valid entries in the subject line:

  • a
  • p,c
  • a,p,c
  • [blank] – you can leave the subject line empty – compression will be turned off

Read more on available SMS compression options here

“Message” Write the text of SMS message. Please observe the maximum available number of characters for your account (about 150)

When the message is created, send it using the SMTP account as explained above. The message will come to server which will try to authenticate your account. If all is fine, a credit will be deducted from your account and your message will be converted into SMS and sent to the desired destination - ANYWHERE on the Planet.

For examples please click on one of the links below:



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