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SMS Marketing is a feature of that lets you send personalized mass SMS messages to your double opt-in contact lists (please click here to see our privacy or anti-SPAM policy). This function is available to a special type of account called "SMS Marketing". Please contact us if you would like to add this option to your existing account.

Here is how you can use SMS Marketing functionality to send personalized SMS messages to your employees, contacts, customers or prospects.

1. Customer List Upload

First upload one or more contact lists. Contacts must be stored in a comma delimited file in the format as explained here. This can be easily created by exporting your existing contact list from Outlook or Excel in "comma delimited format". To start, go to Contacts->Import screen in your account

SMS Marketing

2. Create Groups of Contacts

Go to Contacts->Groups to logically organize contacts into groups. You can have people in as many groups as you would like.

SMS Marketing


3. Create Messages

Go to Marketing->Mass SMS - you will see a screen similar to the one below. Then click on the "Create Message " button.


Create the text of your message on the screen below. Make sure to take advantage of SmartTags to personalize your SMS messages. For example, if you use smart tag !LASTNAME!, at the time of sending our service will replace it with the last name of the person who will receive your message.


4. Send Messages

After clicking Submit, you will be returned to the main window. Now you can assign that message to any of your groups.


You can repeat this process as often as you like. You can modify groups or messages at any time.


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