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Your ipipi account comes with a powerful email account. You ipipi inbox is where all your email and SMS will come. With your ipipi account, you can even forward these messages to your phone. You can also use your ipipi email account to compose and send new messages. 

We want to give you as many was as possible to read and send your email and SMS. You can connect to your ipipi account using any standard client email

The figure below describes different screen elements and commands in your Inbox.

Click on this button to check for new messages Click on this button to delete all selected messages Click here to start writing a new message Click here to load a folder that contains all messages that you sent using your iPiPi account.  This includes all messages that you sent from your mobile devices Click here to select all messages in the current view Click on the column header to sort messages Once messages are sorted click on this sign to change order (ascending/descending) Click here to select a message.  Note different colours in this field. Each of your external accounts can be associated a different colour so that you can immediately see from which of your external accounts a message came from. Name of the sender. If the sender does not provide his full name, only his email address is shown. Date and time this message was received Subject of the message.  Click on it to open the message Message size.  If there is a picture of paper clip the message has at least one attachment.


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