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Welcome to the global SMS text messaging service that allows two-way SMS conversation with almost anyone on the planet using a computer and a mobile phone. It is great if you need to:

  • Forward important email messages to your SMS phone while you are away from your desktop
  • Reply to important email while you are away from your desktop
  • Want to enable your employees to send SMS messages from anywhere
  • If your wireless operator (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Telus and many other) do not allow you to send international SMS
  • If you find the cost of international calls expensive
  • If you hate typing SMS messages on the telephone keypad
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Our service is built to serve both individual and corporate users. Apart from excelling in near immediate delivery of important email messages to SMS phones it provides the following benefits:

Benefits to Individual & Corporate Users  

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For corporate users, you also get the benefit of:

  • Enterprise - you can integrate any of your existing messaging processes with our SMS service in minutes. Your CRM, ERP or mail messaging system can start sending SMS notifications in minutes.
  • Mobile access - Mobile users can compose, reply or forward email messages from their cell phones that look as if they were sent from a desktop email client
  • Instant and Global - important messages are sent to anyone in the World in seconds. Monitoring your servers or customer requests has never been this easy
  • Easy to use - the interface is simple and flexible
  • Affordable - save money by interacting with your loved ones for a fraction of the cost of long distance telephone calls
  • Memorable - receive messages from your friends and family as soon as they arrive in your mailbox
  • Instant - messages are in most cases delivered in seconds
  • Powerful - you can configure your account in a way that suits your particular needs the best. You can also change your settings at any time
  • Global - you can send text messages to almost anyone in the World. You can also receive their replies
  • Simple - Avoids the time consuming and cumbersome process of using a mobile phone keypad to type a short message.



Setting up a new email to SMS account is easy and quick. We even give you a few FREE messages to try it out. There is no payment of any sort required to try the service.

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