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Have a loved one in South Africa and would like more frequent contact? iPiPi can help! With the quick and cheap method of text messaging as well as our reliable connection to and from South Africa, you will be able to hear from your loved one more often. With you can

  • Send and receive SMS to and from South Africa even if you do not have a mobile phone
  • Send messages from your phone, even If your current wireless company does not provide this service
  • Send and receive text messages for MUCH less - is the only service that allows your friends to reply to your messages at local rates
  • Forget the small keypad - send messages from any computer
  • Send many messages at once

more benefits ...

Send SMS to South Africa - Send text messages in minutes!

Text messages sent from arrive in seconds, cost less and let your friends reply. There is simply no other service that lets you send messages from any PC and deliver them to any mobile phone on the Planet.

Sending text messages is an instant and memorable way to talk with your loved ones. You don’t have to worry about voice mail or being hooked up to the Internet. Your message will be delivered instantly, no matter where your loved one is. Unlike voice conversations, SMS can be sent and received privately, or in busy situations. You can even delay your messages to arrive a few hours later, so you can send a “good morning” message to Iraq even if you are about to go to bed here. is:

  • Global - you can send SMS to South Africa or to any other country on the Planet.
  • Two-way - Receive replies from your loved ones in your Inbox, or forward them to your cell
  • Affordable - save money. Text message for a fraction of the cost of long distance telephone calls
  • Easy to use - send from a web browser, Outlook, IM, Hotmail, GMail or any other email client
  • Great Service - messages are delivered in seconds. Customer questions are answered within an hour
  • Convenient - time zones don't matter. Set your messages to arrive with a delay to surprise your friends!
  • Flexible - configure your account to meet your text messaging needs. No mobile phone required.

Here's what Heather has to say: "I searched for many ways to keep in touch with my friends and family in South Africa and Australia. With your service I can keep in touch with them all easily. Thank you so much for making the world feel a little smaller!"

Try sending text messages now!

Setting up a new account is easy and quick. We even give you a few FREE messages to try it out.

SEND SMS to South Africa today...


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