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Text Message Worldwide

Text Message from any computer to any mobile phone on the Planet. With you can

  • Send and receive SMS messages worldwide even if you do not have a mobile phone
  • Send messages from your phone, even If your current wireless company does not provide this service
  • Send and receive text messages for MUCH less
  • Forget the small keypad - send messages from any computer
  • Send many messages at once

more benefits ...

Send SMS - text messages to any country in the World

Text messages sent from arrive in seconds, cost less and let your friends reply. There is simply no other service that lets you send messages from any PC and deliver them to any mobile phone on the Planet.

  • Global - you can send text messages to any country on the Planet.
  • Affordable - save money by interacting with your loved ones for a fraction of the cost of long distance telephone calls
  • Easy to use - the interface is simple and flexible
  • Great Service - most messages are delivered in seconds, and most customer questions are answered within an hour
  • Convenient - time zones don't matter. Schedule your messages to arrive with a delay. Surprise your friends!
  • Flexible - configure your account to meet your personal text messaging needs. No mobile phone required.

Here is what some of our 600,000 customers are saying about

This is the best way to send SMS around the world, even with the most difficult SMS networks. This company is the best way to send SMS to any cell phone in Cuba from USA, I have been recommended to my community, Thank you very much. Mario.

Just a quick note to say I've been using your SMS (PC to phone) for past month to send SMS to India... and its brilliant. Its 100% reliable, inexpensive and easy. This a great service. Thank you. Hugh

I am a person who depends more on SMS and to stay connected with family and friends. This is my first time to use the website, and can't tell you guys how it is wonderful since it support Unicode. Marwan

Well, after finding you guys through a Google search, I must say, I'm impressed. I recently began speaking with a nice girl in Ukraine and sending her text messages is alot cheaper than paying per letter :) You offer a great service thats easy to use! A simple layout to access INBOX and account information makes navigating your site super easy. Thanx again for the wonderful service you provide. I will continue my correspondence and send you guys a pic from the wedding (ha!) Jon

Text messageSetting up a new account is easy and quick. We even give you a few FREE messages to try it out.

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