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Need a Gift for Your Valentine?

In this issue

New Services - More Benefits for You
Based on your input and suggestions we continue to expand our service offering. Last month we added 
features such as:

  • Delayed SMS sending   
  • Quick Pick SMS
  • New Calendar options
  • More networks
  • Address Book

This month we bring you refined Corporate SMS and SMS Advertising2 accounts.


Corporate SMS accounts can be used by any company or individual who want to manage any number of sub accounts. Sub account owners enjoy all the benefits of regular pre-paid users. They can, however, be also managed by one person (company administrator) and can borrow SMS credits from the parent account. The benefit is easier management and lower cost of messaging as you can take advantage of significant discounts for volume SMS credit purchases.   

SMS Marketing accounts2 are built for marketing agencies, businesses and individuals who want to send timely promotional offers to their customers and prospects. With the addition of this feature we allow you to keep in touch with 10 or 50,000 customers simply and easily. You need to make only three clicks: Select group, select message, SEND. Furthermore, for higher response rates all messages can be personalized - to show that you really care.

January was a Busy Month
We had a very busy month in January. We moved from our cramped office space into a new space - but the process was far from smooth. We truly learned to appreciate Murphy's laws. Things that could go wrong - went wrong - TWICE. Those that could not go wrong - DID go wrong. All is done now and we have settled in our new space.
I therefore want to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that our relocation caused you and to express our gratitude for your patience and understanding.

In January, we also saw a significant acceleration in use of our services and we added twice as many new customers as we did in December. !FIRSTNAME!, I would like to thank you for your patronage and for your support of our service. If you like it,
kindly spread the word to your friends and colleagues. If you do not, please let us know and we will do our best to make it better.

Happy Messaging,
Branko Zurkovic
Product Manager

Tell that special someone how much you care. Get a special 10% discount when you buy 250-500 credits during our Valentine promotion. You can also transfer credits to anyone you want.
Or, buy 500 or more credits between Jan 26th and Feb 29th, 2004 and enter to WIN 500 FREE credits.


Benefit from Need 250 FREE credits?

Recommend and earn FREE SMS Credits

Our new Recommend us program lets you earn unlimited SMS credits. Every time your friend completes the registration you will get 2 FREE SMS credits1. Even better, the first time she purchases credits from us, you will get 10 credits more.

Look for the "Recommend Us" link in your account and start earning credits today!



1 SMS Credits can be used to send messages to most global networks. Please ask us for the list of networks that can be reached only with paid credits. 

2 We have strict ANTI-SPAM policy and we strictly DO NOT allow our system to be used for any kind of SPAM. We investigate all SPAM complaints. We will close any account that is used to SPAM or disturb others without permission. We strongly recommend that you use double opt-in lists in your marketing campaigns. 

Tell us how to improve our service and you could win 250 FREE SMS credits.

Over 90% of functionality available through is a direct result of our users' suggestions. Please click here to tell us how we could make your SMS messaging life even better. On February 29th 2004, we will randomly draw one user account and award 250-message-anywhere credits.

Newsletter Input - We welcome your comments and suggestions for future editions of News. Please click here to tell us your suggestions.


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