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In this issue Goes Corporate
Many of you asked us to make management of large corporate accounts easier. We are happy to announce that the first phase of this service upgrade is completed. With a corporate account, administrators can manage all users associated with a company. They can also take advantage of volume price discounts and define and modify SMS forwarding rules for all corporate accounts. We are working on more exciting functions. If you have special requirements or suggestions please let us know.

Network Expansion
As of October 1 we will expand our reach and be able to send SMS to wireless subscribers in China, France, Italy and Spain. We are also expanding our reach to Australia's Optus network and to networks in Holland. Web Site Redesign
Over the last three years the number of our subscribers grew substantially. We also noticed that our users come from all countries and continents and some may have difficulties using our service as they do not speak English. 

Based on your suggestions we are updating with streamlined registration and SMS sending processes. We are also adding new help screens and replacing text with illustrations. Finally, we are adding a few new faces to our application. Please welcome Mona and Nick, your iPiPi helpers. 


Please Welcome our 50,000th Customer
On September 8th, 2003 we reached a major milestone for our company. We added 50,000th customer of I hereby want to thank all of you for being our users and for your invaluable suggestions.

A Special Thank you to BC Firefighters
This summer our province of British Columbia, Canada has been hit with an exceptionally dry summer. This caused our forests to be susceptible to fire. Blazes that followed as a result engulfed many houses and caused even more people to leave their homes. On behalf of our team I wanted to express our sympathies to everyone affected by the fire. I also wanted to thank the firefighters for their bravery and hard work without which the situation would have been much worse. 

I never thought I would say this but let there be rain!

Happy Messaging,
Branko Zurkovic
Product Manager


Please enter the contest by telling us how is useful to you. Simply click here and tell us your story. It can be as short or as long as you want. 
On September 30th we will select one entry and award 500 credits to this user's account2.

The Winner of our August Contest is...

Our August contest is finished and we got our lucky winner. Everyone who purchased 100 or more credits was eligible to win 500 FREE SMS credits. This time they go to "Kriptique" in USA. Congratulations!

We want to thank everyone who participated in this contest. Please stay tuned for this month's prizes!

New functionality Make Money with iPiPi

Give your Web Site SMS Capability
You can now include SMS sending function to your web site. It is as easy as cutting and pasting a URL. Simply log on to your account and click on the "Add SMS to Your Site" link. It takes only 5 minutes to get your web application fully SMS enabled. Best of all - it's FREE1.  

SMS Enabled Contact Us Page for You
If you own a web site this service is a must. Many times visitors to your web site are ready to make a purchase but require a little extra information. If you answer their questions too late they are more than likely to completely forget about their buying desire. 
With SMS enabled Contact Us page your web site will send you an instant notification every time a visitor asks you a question. You will get email and a text message including their inquiry and telephone number so that you can quickly respond and close that sale.  Read more about SMS Contact Us page here or contact us for more information. It is FREE to add this function to your web site

1 SMS credits from your accounts will be used.
2 Open to all users. Prepaid users, if selected will receive 500 credits. Evaluation users, if selected, will receive 50 credits. Affiliate Program

We launched our affiliate program in August and we are overwhelmed with requests to sign up new affiliates. Here is how the program works. First you let us know that you want to join our affiliate program. We will then send you a special link that you can add to your web site. From there on, every time someone you recommend to us purchases SMS credits we will pay you 10% of the amount spent. Read more about our affiliate program here


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