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  Newsletter - December 2004

This month:

Delayed SMS function - back in action!
When you take something away, you realize how many people depend on it.

We had some problems with our Delayed SMS function so we removed it from the web site - and did we ever hear about it!

Thanks to everyone who expressed how much they use this function. We've fixed the problem and Delayed SMS is back again.

You can now write an SMS message and tell when you want to send the message: right away, in 15 minutes, in 15 hours... whenever. Look for this feature next time you compose an SMS message.


Free SMS on December 25th

It's the time of giving, so that's what we're doing. Between December 1 and December 15, if you buy 250 or more credits, you'll recieve 25 free SMS messages on December 25th as our holiday gift to you. PLUS, you'll be entered into a draw for 1000 free credits. Buy SMS credits as gifts, or stock up on your own credits, but do take us up on this offer. I can guarantee that this will not happen often! (The small print: one offer per account only, please)

We'll be in a giving mood this month. Look for holiday specials to pop up all month.

Don't forget about our current contest:Tell us about all the ways you use SMS and we’ll enter you into a draw for 500 free SMS credits. But be specific. Do you use it to send gossip to your best friend? Talk to your relatives? To monitor a server? Enter the draw. Read our terms and conditions.

Updates at

What's new this month at

  • We've updated our Frequently Asked Questions page to help answer all your questions about international text messaging. The new page is re-written and re-organized with lots of new content for you. Think you have a question that should be on the FAQ page? Tell us about it.
  • Our gateway numbers page is now updated to include our new China gateway number. Bookmark this page so you always know what numbers to send your SMS messages.
  • Our ringtones and logos page is updated for the holiday season.
  • This week, we welcomed two new members to the team. Welcome Arieanna and Henry!

How to gift wrap SMS

So you've thought about buying SMS as a gift for people. After all, you can buy it on-line anytime and no line-ups or fights for parking at the shopping center. Plus, it's a gift that reflects what the holiday season is about - being together and connected with the people who matter.

BUT, people like to open packages, so how can you get the benefits of buying SMS credits on-line while still making it special? Try one of these ideas on how to make SMS a memorable gift:

1. Take a sheet of paper and print, write, paint, or draw a message that says something like "you have just received ### SMS credits to stay connected with your family and friends." Add pictures or colour for extra decoration. Put it in a box and tie a pretty bow around it. Beautiful, thoughtful, and done!

2. Make a certificate, complete with calligraphy writing and good quality paper. Roll it up like a scroll and tie a ribbon around it. Makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

3. Thinking of buying a new cell phone for someone? Give SMS as an extra surprise. Once they've activated their brand new cell phone, send them an SMS on their new phone with part 2 of your gift. Two surprises in one!

4. Give them a personalized SMS/phone package. Buy some SMS credits, ring tones, songs, wall paper, and face plates. Put them all together and you've got a thoughtful, personalized gift.

5. Know someone who could use SMS but doesn't know how to do it? Enlist the help of the team! Tell us how many credits you'd like to buy and for whom. We'll create an account for them and send them a special SMS message from you.

6. Put your own twist on any of the above ideas. The key to a great gift is demonstrating that you put some real thought into the person you're giving it to. Good luck!

Question of the month: How do I reply to an SMS?

Replying to an SMS is usually quite simple:

  • Press reply
  • Type a message
  • Press send

I know what many of you are thinking: it isn't always that simple!

If you experience problems, keep this in mind:When you're replying, you should see the phone number you're sending the SMS to. This is usually done automatically, but sometimes your phone provider doesn't do this. If this happens, re-enter the gateway number when you're sending an SMS message.

Tip: Put the gateway numbers you use into your phone's address book so you can reply quickly

If that didn't work:

  • Are the settings in your account (SMS Settings screen) set to allow incoming SMS messages?
  • Was the reply sent within 7 days?
  • Does your friend's wireless phone plan allow for International SMS?
  • Does your account have SMS credits? You are charged 1 credit for each message, sent or received

For more details: visit our tutorial on direct SMS reply and check out our gateway numbers. And if you're a Sprint customer, remember to use these gateway numbers, exactly as they appear: 6047807002 OR 7323224014. Holiday Greetings!

Season's Greetings from all of us at

We all want you to have a safe and happy holiday season, so we advise you to do (and do not) the following:

  • DO finish your gift shopping ahead of time. Trying to find that "perfect" gift on short notice is not fun. Buy ahead so you can kick back and drink egg nog while everyone else is going crazy at the mall (psst! That means... start NOW).
  • DO NOT buy your significant other a gift that you want for yourself. They'll see right through your "gift" and will you be in trouble!
  • DO buy something for yourself. If it's the season of giving, you might as well make yourself happy too.
  • DO NOT make a fruitcake. Chocolate cake is always better.
  • And, always remember: don't drive and text.

Happy Holidays!

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