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  Newsletter - January 2005

This month:

Welcome to 2005! The ipipi staff is as busy as ever, working hard to make your SMS experience with us the best ever. We recently welcomed another new staff member, Max, and we've been busy chatting it up with lots of you on our blog. This month, be sure to check out our SMS love poem suggestions for Valentine's day and our 10% off promo. Plus, if you SMS to Iraq, you might want to help test our new service to Iraq with free text messages.

Talk to you next month!

New Year, New Deal

Need to stock up on your credits?

Until January 31st, buy 350-600 credits and get 10% off. Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year are both coming up and you'll be sending lots of messages. Save some money and stock up now.

Free SMS to and from Iraq

We recently added SMS networks in Iraq (Orascom/OTI), but we need some help testing the service - we don't want to start charging you credits unless we know it works.

So, if you have friends are family located in Iraq, we're offering free SMS messages to Iraq until January 31st, 2005.

For details on this offer read our blog post.

World Wide ipipi

In addition to adding SMS networks in Iraq, we also added service to North Korea, which means iPiPi now has networks in every single country in the world. We're now a truly international SMS service, and we're pretty happy about that.

No matter where you need to send an SMS, we've got you covered.

What you NEED to know to receive SMS replies

ipipi users are always asking how to receive sms replies.

Here are some tips to help you:

1. A key to receiving an SMS reply? The gateway number - the phone number you call to send an SMS.

When you send your SMS message to a gateway number, the gateway number then sends your message to your friend. When your friend wants to reply to you, they respond by sending their SMS to the same gateway number.

See why the gateway number is so important?

Just like when you make a regular phone call on your cell phone, you have to enter a phone number when you send an SMS. (Hint: if you don't see a number on your screen, it probably isn't typed in.)

Make sure you and your friends have the gateway numbers you need to send and reply to SMS messages.

2. If you want to receive replies, remember to have your friends' phones as registered phones in your ipipi account so the gateway number knows where to deliver each sms. To register your friends' phones, click on the "registered devices" link when you login to

For more information, visit:

Give some love on Valentine's Day

It's January, which means next month is February, and you know what that means...Valentine's Day (February 14th).

The answer to keeping your special someone happy on this day? Little messages that show you care (plus some chocolate and flowers don't hurt!) Send an SMS poem or two and I guarantee, you'll receive lots of thanks.

Here are a few poems to get you started, written by some creative ipipi staff members. If you want to contribute some of your own poems, send them to me and I'll post them on our blog online.

Candy, chocolate, hearts, and candles
teddy bears & sweet midnight walks
Tho i'm not there to give u these
I send u luv my sweet Valentine
(138 characters)

Cats go meow and cows go moo
but I'm just blue cause i miss you!
Be my valentine?
(81 characters)

Love grows despite distance &
flowers with time apart. I miss
u dear, but my heart grows strong.
Be my Valentine, I give u my
heart 4ever.

(139 characters)

Join us at

Conversation is still alive! We've been chatting up a storm at our new ipipi blog. Visit and see what we're up to.

Maybe you want to learn about the SMS business...

Or, you want to learn about new cell phones...

Or maybe, you just want to do the iPod Shuffle!

No matter what, we've got something for everyone, so visit our blog, and leave a comment if you like. See you in the blogosphere!

The Year of the Rooster

Chinese New Year officially begins on February 9, 2005. The year of the Monkey ends, and the year of the Rooster begins.

Happy New Year to all our customers celebrating Chinese New Year!

Learn more about Chinese New Year.

Have a great story to share?

We're sponsoring the Wireless Innovation Contest 2005, open to residents of the United States and Canada.

If you have a wireless innovation that's made a difference, consider entering this contest for great prizes. Deadline is February 1st.

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