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In this issue:

New set-up process: text messaging just got easier
After listening to your feedback, we're glad to announce a new and improved set-up process for registering cell phones in your account. If you want your friends and family to send you SMS messages whenever they please, this is the feature for you.

Our new set-up process is simple and easy. Just enter the phone number of each mobile phone you'd like to register. The system will then send each phone a message with instructions on how to confirm the devices.

This new process reduces the original set-up time for everyone involved. No more phoning your friends to get the confirmation code. AND, no more need to add any comments to messages.

To read more about our new, streamlined set-up process, go here:

Did you know that feedback from our customers drives over 80% of developments? Send us your feedback on this new set-up system, or any other issue. We're always listening.

Hyperwallet and partner up
Upside Wireless, the company that operates, recently signed a $300,000 deal with HyperWallet, a Canadian-based company that provides online payment services to individuals, businesses, and financial institutions. Upside Wireless is supplying HyperWallet with the technology that drives a system like The technology, the Wireless Information Server, will be used by HyperWallet to explore the usage of mobile phones in the payments industry. Upside Wireless and continue to grow, thanks to all your support! To read more about's technology, go here:

Let us know if we can help your business

Enable your Application in 60 minutes or less
Last month we launched what turned out to be a revolutionary service. Using our "60-minute-API" any business process can be SMS enabled in about one hour. We had no idea how this interface will be used. Here are some of the real-world examples:

  • Let a customer know when her order shipped
  • Automatically remind patients of their appointments
  • Tell sales people when important customers call
  • Tell parents when kids are not in school
  • Enable real-time bank balances to be queried.. and many more.

What is revolutionary is that you do not need to hire a small army of consultants and spend days (or months) arranging agreements with various phone companies. You simply let us know and we'll get you up and running ... in about 60 minutes. So why wait. If you got a business problem to solve using SMS, we got a solution for you.

SMS in the "real" world
While many of us use SMS to stay connected with our loved ones, many businesses also use to communicate with staff and to keep time-sensitive operations running smoothly. How could SMS help a business, you ask? Here's how one international company uses

"Basically we use to facilitate:
1. email-to-sms event notification to appropriate regional IT support personnel located in Singapore, Taiwan & Hong Kong (for the moment). The emails are usually triggered by network & systems monitoring stations used to manage mission-critical applications and infrastructure.

2. email-to-sms status notifications to appropriate regional BIZ & IT managers.

There is a heck of a lot riding on 1 & 2 (and esp. 1) being received by the intended recipient almost instantaneously in order to minimize the biz impact of any outage."

For more information about these services, or if you have a corporate testimonial about how your business uses, contact us.


Want $200 cash? Buy 200 or more credits between now and August 20th 2004, and enter in a draw to win $200! Use this money any way you want: buy more SMS credits, save for a rainy day, or go buy yourself something nice. Buy 200, enter to win $200a. Simple!.    

The Winner of our June 500-Credit-Draw is "innovativeone". Thank you for your purchase.

Think you're a fast text messager?
How long would it take you to text message the following sentence? "The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human."

23-year old Singapore student Kimberly Yeo text messaged this sentence in 43.66 seconds, setting a new record and winning first prize in a text-messaging speed contest. Read more here.

COMING Soon: entertainment

Starting August 1st, will be offering over 10,000 kinds of ringtones, wallpaper, animations, and java games for your mobile phones. You'll soon be able to browse our catalogue of cell phone services to personalize your phone anyway you like. You'll also be able to send multimedia messages to your friends and family.

a. Draw Rules: Purchase 200 or more credits between 12:00 AM July 28th 2004 and 11:59 PM August 20th 2004 (GMT-8) and enter to win a draw for $200. One prize of US$200 will be drawn on August 25th 2004. The winner will receive the prize through a PayPal money transfer on the same day.

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