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In this issue:

Newsflash: System Upgrade
I very much regret that over the last 3-4 weeks you might have experienced not-so-great performance of our web site. The popularity of our service put an increasing pressure on our current technology and simply took us by surprise. 

To correct the problem and to make our service as responsive as you would expect, we started a series of software optimization and hardware upgrade activities. The final step will be on June 18 between midnight and 3 AM (GMT) when we will upgrade our database and application servers.  During this time will not be available.

Introducing 60-minute API
We are pleased to announce our latest corporate SMS feature: the "60-minute-API". What is it? Technically speaking, 60-minute API is an interface that allows any enterprise application or business process to be connected to's global SMS network.
Think of these applications:

  • Let your customer know when you shipped her order
  • Automatically remind your patients of their appointments
  • Tell your sales people when important customers call
  • Alert on-call staff of shift vacancies
  • Tell your clients of important stock market movements.. and many more.

So, what does that mean for you and your business? It means your corporate applications can start sending text messages to any cell phone on the planet in about one hour. You do not need to hire a small army of consultants and spend days (or months) arranging agreements with various phone companies. You simply let us know and we'll get you up and running ... in about 60 minutes. So why wait. If you got a business problem to solve using SMS, we got a solution for you.

SMS anywhere in the world from your mobile phone
Did you know that you can send a SMS message to any cell phone in the world. Even if you have a Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Telus or any other mobile plan that does not let you send international SMS. This means that you don't need to log in to the site every time you want to send an SMS. Do it straight from your phone, save time, and let do the rest! All you need is a cell phone.

Read the instructions on our website to find out how to configure your account send international text messages. If you need help, contact us and we'll take you through the process.

Does it work? Is it worth it? Every day we receive stories from users like you saying, "YES!" Here's a great story about how this functionality helps a couple stay in touch:

What a difference [] has made in my life! Because my boyfriend lives in Australia and I in New York, talking everyday via telephone is nearly impossible. Therefore, I, rather we, find this service extremely convenient. In fact, we constantly text message each other; he from his phone and I from the computer. We both love using iPiPi because it is both reliable and convenient. Besides, it's a great way for me to let him know I'm thinking about him and for him to tell me how much he loves me! Cute, huh? I must admit, though, that these messages can be quite addictive... I always find myself buying more and more text messages each time they run out. Gotta love iPiPi!

Let your friends SMS you with
Now, not only can you send SMS anywhere in the world with your phone, but your friends and family can, too. Just register your friend's phone in your account and you can send messages to each other using the same account. Sound complicated? Just follow these simple few steps. If you need more help. just contact us and we'll respond to your questions within about an hour.

Happy Messaging,
Branko Zurkovic
Product Manager

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Thank you for your purchase. 100,000 users strong

Thanks to you, we recently welcomed our 100,000th user to! We'll keep working hard to make the best SMS service around. If you have feedback on how to improve our service, let us know.



Benefit from Cell Phone Stats

Recommend and earn FREE SMS Credits

Recommend friends to and earn free SMS credits. If your friend registers with you receive 2 free SMS credits (applicable on most global SMS networks). If your friend purchases credits from, you receive 10 additional free credits. Look for the "Recommend Us" link in your account (under the "General" heading) and start earning credits today!

Twenty years ago, mobile phones were introduced to the World. Now, reports that 1.4 billion people use mobile phones in the world send over 24 billion text messages a month.

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