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  Newsletter - March 2005

This month:

Spring Special

Put a spring in your step with this great Spring deal.

Buy 350-600 credits before March 10 and receive 10% off your purchase. For a limited time, we will also waive the $10 account setup fee for all new accounts. Recharge your account now.

New South Africa gateway number (and Serbia soon!)

We're happy to announce a new gateway in South Africa!

The gateway number is: 278388943311 or +278388943311

What does a new gateway number mean for you? Now, when you reply to your friends and family in South Africa you'll be charged the cost of a local call. No more long distance charges, which means you save money.

We now have gateways in 6 countries, including China and the Philippines. And more gateways are on the way.

For information about gateways and how to use them, go here.

For the full list of gateway numbers, visit

Join us for some wine and conversation at CTIA

As a sponsor of the Wireless Innovation Contest, we're looking forward to finding out who the winners are!

Contest winners will be announced on March 14, 2:30pm-3:30pm on the Main Stage at CTIA in New Orleans, LA.

Attending CTIA 2005? Check out the awards ceremony, and then join WinBC, Upside Wireless, and the contest winners in booth 6512 on March 14.

Or, drop by booth 6512 anytime during CTIA to chat with our CEO, Branko Zurkovic.

From our FAQs: Sending SMS messages from your phone

By popular demand, we're re-publishing our instructions on how to send an international SMS from your mobile phone. These instructions are also available here. Bookmark this page if you find yourself needing the instructions over and over again.

Sending an SMS message is easy with, but you do have to know a few things:

Step one: First, do you have any credits in your account? If you don't have credits, you don't have SMS, so purchase some credits.

Step two: Register your phone. You need to tell that your phone exists. To do this, you need to register your phone with our system. Go here for detailed instructions.

Step three: Set up your address book. needs to know how to find your friends. To do this, you need to enter your friends' phone numbers into your address book. Go here for details on creating address book entries.

The important step to remember when building your address book is the "nickname" field. Make sure you pick a short and easy to remember nickname for each entry. Usually initials are a good idea (for example, my friend "Johnny Message" has the nickname "jm" in my address book). Why is this important, you ask? Well...

Step four: Send your message. When you send your SMS message, you're actually doing several things at the same time: 1. Talking to, 2. Talking to the SMS network, and 3. Talking to your friend. How do you do all this at the same time? You need to say WHAT kind of message you're sending, and WHO you're sending it to.

For EVERY message, you need to include the following two things before texting your message:

1. "s" (without the quotation marks)
2. your friend's nickname

The "s" is telling WHAT kind of message you want to send -- an "SMS" message. Entering your friend's nickname tells WHO you want to send it to.

An example. If I'm sending a message to Johnny Message, I will text:
"s jm Hey Johnny. What time is the movie tonight?"

"s" = SMS
"jm" = Johnny's nickname in my address book

Remember to include a space between each text entry.

Remember, it's about WHAT (an SMS message) and WHO (your friend's nickname). Do this for every message you send and you'll always be in touch with your friends around the world.

For full details, visit our tutorial.

From ipipi

Just a quick hello from the ipipi team. We've been busy lately, getting ready for CTIA 2005 - a big wireless conference going on in New Orleans from March 14-17. Branko, the CEO of ipipi's parent company, Upside Wireless, will be at the event. If you're attending the conference, feel free to drop by booth 6512 for a visit.

For the rest of you, we've got a great Spring pricing special for you, plus another new gateway number to keep your texting costs down.

Talk to you next month!

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