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Newsletter - Easter 2005


Spring is on its way! Many of you are on Spring or Easter Breaks - the perfect time to sit back, catch up, and just have fun. Here in Vancouver, Canada, Spring came a little early and the sunshine is streaming through our windows as we speak.

It's been busy around the office - there are many new faces around and some exciting changes around the corner. Keep an eye on ipipi and you will see it getting better and better over the next couple of months.

Aside from making our service as good as it can be, we're also offering a great Spring Break Special for you to keep you busy texting this Spring.

Happy Easter!

Arieanna Foley, Editor
The ipipi news

Spring Break Special

March is rolling along and to celebrate your relaxation, we�??re giving you great ways to do some catching up with old friends.

Buy 350-600 credits before March 31st and get 15% off your purchase �?? that�??s like getting an extra 53 or more SMS for nothing! And if you buy 601 or more, you get 10% off too! Recharge your account now.

Upside Wireless and ZYB sign licensing deal

Upside Wireless, the parent of ipipi, has just finished signing a licensing deal with London-based ZYB.

ZYB will be licensing the technology that makes ipipi go - it's Upside's flagship product, the Wireless Information Server (WIS for short). WIS is what enables ipipi to connect to every country on the Planet and provides the way for people to send SMS in a variety of ways (web, email, mobile).

What does ZYB get from licensing WIS? Well, it let's them go to market quickly, easily, and cost effectively. ipipi and ZYB together will be promoting SMS globally using the same leading SMS technology platform. Everyone here at Upside Wireless congratulates ZYB on their new business - we are looking forward to seeing all ZYB's new services and to our continued relationship.

You can read more about ZYB and this deal on our blog.

A new way to get service updates

Many of you have been reading the ipipi blog for news and opinions on SMS text messaging and industry insight, but did you also know it's the best place to get breaking news about service updates?

Some of you may have noticed that on March 21st there were outages for some European networks (France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and some of Austria). This meant that SMS were not getting to where they should go. As soon as we saw the problem, it went on our blog along with info on when service would resume and a note that messages were queued and not lost.

Using the blog is the easiest and fastest way for us to let you know what is happening, no matter where we are - home or work. Letting you know if there is a problem is a big priority for us. We try to minimize any problems there could be by having the best network relationships we can, but sometimes things happen that we cannot control.

If you are ever think there is a problem, go to our blog and check. All our service news will be on both the home page and the service updates page. Looking there first may give you the answer you are seeking. If not, check our help pages for questions on common problems or contact us if you think your problem needs attention. Who knows, we might even thank you on the blog for letting us know!

Remember, the ipipi blog is written for ipipi customers, by ipipi employees.

We want to hear what you think! Feel free to post a comment on the blog anytime.

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Have some news you want to share? A question you'd like posted? Contact us or post a comment to the blog.

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