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In this issue:

New Feature: Message Delivery Confirmation
Did you know that customer feedback drives over 80% of product development? We've been listening, and are happy to introduce our latest feature: message delivery confirmation. Now, on selected destinations, when you send a message, you'll have the option of getting a text message confirming that your message was delivered. So, next time you send that love note to your special friend, you'll know it was received and appreciated.

New Feature: 60 minute API
Are you thinking of using SMS for work? Let connect your corporate applications to an SMS service fast. In just 60 minutes, you'll be up and running. Your CRM, ERP, customer service or messaging applications will be SMS enabled within one hour. Your employees will have SMS functionality to communicate important, time-critical information with each other. Contact us to find out more.

PiPi 101: sending SMS from your mobile phone
You can send SMS from your mobile phone to anywhere in the world, even if your wireless operator doesn't support this function. But our users always ask: How do I do it? Good question. It takes a little bit of configuring, but it's worth it for all the added convenience. To set your phone up to send SMS internationally, read our set-up instructions located here. Still don't get it? Contact us and we'll walk you through the process. We respond to most customer questions within 1 hour, so you won't have to wait too long for a response!

Your story: how makes a difference
Every week we receive stories from users all over the world. We enjoy reading them so much that we thought we'd share them with you. In this issue, a story about how SMS helps two pen-friends support each other:

"For 10 years I had a pen-friend in India. Sadly, we have never met but have always been great friends. Gradually, we have become very close and have grown to be each other's best friend. More and more, we wish we could meet each other in person. We recently realized that our mobile phone networks were capable of sending and receiving text messages to each other. The 'instant' sms service provided by ipipi has enabled us to be there for each other and to support one another even though we live so many miles apart. So although circumstances prevent us from meeting right now, we can exchange all our thoughts and feelings in an instant by using ipipi services at very cost effective prices!"

Contact Us - we'll respond within an hour
Have any questions about the features in this issue, or anything else? Go to our Contact Us page.'s top priority is answering your questions. We respond to most customer questions within an hour. So, don't hesitate -- we'll see you online.


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SMS news
We're always reading the love stories you send about how couples meet, fall in love, and stay in touch with SMS. But while most of you are enjoying the love, did you know SMS is being used more and more by people to break-up with their partners? A recent survey in Britain states that more and more people are writing "Dear John. We're thru :-(" notes by SMS.


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