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  Newsletter - October/November 2004

This month:

Halloween Greetings!
Happy Halloween from everyone at Is your costume ready yet? What about a costume for your cell phone? Or, check out the History Channel's web site on the history of Halloween to get yourself ready and spooked. To celebrate the holiday, we've got a scarily good Halloween deal for first-time credit buyers. Enjoy reading this month's newsletter and have a safe and scary Halloween.

Announcing a gateway number for China continues its expansion of local gateway numbers in Asia. This month, we're announcing a new gateway number to China. If in China you can now route your international SMS messages to the following number: +8613717890410. You can also tell your friends in China that they can send you messages to the same number. The benefits: LOCAL COST and SPEED.

News bulletin for Sprint customers in North America
Experiencing problems sending international messages? If you're on the Sprint network, you'll need to follow these directions:

If you are sending international SMS from your Sprint phone, send them to one of the following gateway numbers, exactly as they appear:

6047807002 OR 7323224014

Do NOT include "+1." This keeps the service from working properly. Thanks to Doug and Kristine for helping us figure this out!


Halloween Deal

We've got a scarily good deal for first time subscribers. Buy 250-499 credits, and receive 10% off. This offer is valid only for first-time buyers. Don't be spooked! Act now, as this offer disappears on November 15th, 2004. Purchase credits.

We're now multi-lingual -- are you?
Last month became unicode compatible. This means you can now send SMS messages in several different languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Have you tried sending a message in a different language yet? Let us know how our unicode support is working. Contact Us.

Question of the month: How do I send an international SMS message?
Sending an SMS message is easy with But, you do have to know a few things. Here's a brief, four-step review:

Step one: First, do you have any credits in your account? If you don't have credits, you don't have SMS, so purchase some credits.

Step two: Register your phone. You need to tell that your phone exists. To do this, you need to register your phone with our system. Go here for detailed instructions.

Step three: Set up your address book. needs to know how to find your friends. To do this, you need to enter your friends' phone numbers into your address book. Go here for details on creating address book entries.
The important step to remember when building your address book is the "nickname" field. Make sure you pick a short and easy to remember nickname for each entry. Usually initials are a good idea (for example, my friend "Johnny Message" has the nickname "jm" in my address book). Why is this important, you ask? Well...

Step four: Send your message. When you send your SMS message, you're actually doing several things at the same time: 1. Talking to, 2. Talking to the SMS network, and 3. Talking to your friend. How do you do all this at the same time? You need to say WHAT kind of message you're sending, and WHO you're sending it to.

For EVERY message, you need to include the following two things before texting your message:

  • "s" (without the quotation marks)
  • your friend's nickname

The "s" is telling WHAT kind of message you want to send -- an "SMS" message. Entering your friend's nickname tells WHO you want to send it to. An example. If I'm sending a message to Johnny Message, I will text:

"s jm Hey Johnny. Happy Halloween."

  • "s" = SMS
  • "jm" = Johnny's nickname in my address book

Now you know why the "nickname" field is so important!

Remember, it's about WHAT ("s" = SMS message) and WHO (your friend's nickname). Do this for every message you send and you'll always be in touch with your friends around the world. For full details, visit our tutorial at

The blog
We recently launched a blog for iPiPi at Have you checked it out yet? We're using the blog to post up-to-the-minute updates on service, sms-related news, and features on SMSing and the people behind We plan to update the blog once a week, so visit us regularly to find out the latest. Also, feel free to comment.



Happy Halloween Messaging,


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