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September's Contest

Highlights: is unicode compatible: send messages in Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and any other unicode-based language
Great news, is now unicode compatible. This means you can now send SMS messages in several different languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian. Your messaging options have just increased!

To learn more about unicode and the languages it supports, visit

If you have questions about sending unicode messages with, contact us.

Announcing more local access numbers for international SMS reliably sends your SMS messages anywhere in the world when you send messages to one of our gateway numbers. To help you cut down on long-distance costs, is beginning to implement local access numbers in more locations around the world. This means you can send your SMS messages through a local number, not a long-distance number, making SMS even cheaper for you.

We'll be adding local access numbers regularly over the next few months, starting with countries in Asia. If you're in Asia, contact us for a list of locations with local access numbers you can use.

Read this newsletter to find out when we'll be expanding local access numbers to other parts of the world. expanding its Master Reseller program
Did you know that has several partnership programs? One of our most popular programs is the Master Reseller program, which lets you make money by reselling SMS credits to a specific market.

Why is this program so popular? A lot of people want to use SMS, but they often don't have credit cards or paypal to buy the credits themselves. So, these people turn to resellers as a solution.

Interest in this program keeps increasing, so will be launching a web site for Master Reseller clients, complete with a customizable look and feel to meet client needs.

Are you already an reseller? send us your comments on what features you'd like to see on the new web site.

Thinking about becoming an Master Reseller? Get started today.

This month's testimonial: Keeping in touch by SMS and email with
One of the best things about Its flexibility. You can send SMS messages internationally, with or without a mobile phone. Here's a story about how a mother and daughter keep in touch:

"...I have had difficulties with my mobile phone and cannot receive or send international sms messages. This has been very distressing for me as my daughter is deaf and does not have a computer for me to be able to communicate with her. A friend told me about ipipi and now I am able to talk to her again. I sms by computer and she responds by her mobile to my computer. I know she is safe and well, she knows I am ok and we can still catch upon all the happenings half way across the world. Thankyou ipipi."

If you have a story about how has made a difference in your life, contact us.

Give us your story, and we'll enter you in a draw to win 500 free credits. Enter this month's contest by telling us how is useful to you. Enter the contest.

Blog with
We've started a blog to keep you updated with the latest news, and features of Plus, it's our forum to have a little fun and share our own thoughts on SMS communication. Over the next few months we'll be adding feature articles, interviews with employees, and anything else we find amusing. This will also be place to announce any scheduled or unscheduled service downtime. Visit the iPiPi Blog.

Download games and ringtones from!
Next time you visit, be sure to look for our new page introducing ringtones, logos, screensavers, and games. Remember to click on the flag for your country and then browse through our catalogue of entertainment for your phone. Have any questions or feedback? Tell us about it!

SMS: The Novel
The associated press reports that a Chinese author has written a SMS novel. The book, Outside the Fortress Besieged, is about an extramarital affair and features sixty 70-word chapters, which adds up to about 4,000 words. Read more.

Upside Wireless and in the news
The CEO of Upside Wireless and, Branko Zurkovic was interviewed for an article in Wireless Week this month. Find out what Branko has to say about business-oriented SMS products, and how offers an effective solution. Read the article.

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