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How To Send Text Messages


Click here to open a new account.

2. You will need a working email address. Public email addresses are not recommended (Hotmail, Yahoo, ICQ). You will receive a Welcome email and in it a registration link. Click on the link and your new account will be active.

As soon as your account is set-up, you can start sending SMS messages. You will receive a few test credits and with them you will be able to send messages to most (but not all global networks).

If you like our service please consider buying more credits. As soon as you make the purchase you will be able to use your account to send messages to any mobile phone on the Planet. You will also receive replies from your friends directly in your Inbox.

4. When sending SMS you can enter one or more numbers, separated by commas, into the "To" line. There are a few easy rules to follow:
  • Numbers must be entered in international format, starting with the country code (1 for North America, 44 for UK and so on. For the complete list of networks please click here.)
  • Numbers MUST NOT contain leading zeros
  • Numbers must not include telephone exit code (011 in North America)

A properly formatted US number is: 14152223333 (where "1" represents the country code, 415 area code and 22223333 area code.

See for yourself how easy it is to send text messages worldwide. Create a new SMS account now. We'll even give you a few FREE credits to get you started. Sign up on iPiPi for free!

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